E-Liquids and Juice Premium juice for your vaping needs

Tobacco Flavors


Mr. Brown (Flavorz 50vg)                                                        Smooth Tobacco

Bandit (Cali Vape Co 70vg)                                                    Rich, sweet tobacco with caramel and almond

Sweet Tobacco (Gentleman’s Draw 70VG)                           Malty tobacco and caramel




Bakery/Cereal Flavors


Butta Beer (70 VG)                                                                         Creamy cream soda

Fruit Cereal (Gentleman’s Draw 70VG)                                          Fruity breakfast cereal

Café Mocha (Gentleman’s Draw 70VG)                                         Creamy Mocha Latte

Apple Fritter (Gentleman’s Draw 70VG)                                       Cinnamon, sugar pastry and juicy apple

Aiko (Stash - Max Vg)                                                                    Banana Berry panna cotta with coconut crumble

Cinnamon Girl (Stash - Max Vg)                                                   Fresh baked cinnamon roll, sweet and mild spice

Valhalla (Stash - Max Vg)                                                              Key limes, sweet creams and graham cracker finish

Crunch Time (Cali Vape Co 70vg)                                               Crunch cereal and Marshmallow

Peanut Butter Crunch Time (Cali Vape Co 70vg)                       Peanut Butter Crunch cereal and Marshmallow

Cup of Joe (Flavorz 50vg)                                                             Smooth and creamy coffee

Fryd Banana (Fryd 70vg)                                                               Creamy fried banana and graham cracker

Fryd Ice  Cream (Fryd 70vg)                                                         Fried caramel ice cream

Fryd Cookies and Cream (Fryd 70vg)                                         Fried classic cookie flavor

Fryd Cream Cake (Fryd 70vg)                                                      Fried Twinkie flavor






Custards/Creamy Flavors


Poppa (Flavorz 50vg)                                                                     Berries with cream

Caramel Milk (Cali Vape Co 70vg)                                               Creamy caramel and milk

Vanilla Custard (Gentleman’s Draw 70VG)                                 Vanilla custard and caramel

Strawberry and Cream (Gentleman’s Draw 70VG)                     Fresh strawberries and creamy custard

Suspicious Minds (Stash - Max Vg)                                            Natural banana with rich, smooth peanut butter

Dark Star (Stash - Max Vg)                                                          Vanilla custard, crème’ brulee, coconut, caramel, cocoa

Forever Young (Stash - Max Vg)                                                  Strawberry and milk with a touch of cereal

Milk Bomb (Rogue 70VG)                                                             Strawberry and creamy milk

Wake N Bake (Rogue 70VG)                                                         Strawberry puff pastry with creamy vanilla icing

S’Mores (Loaded 70vg)                                                                 Melted Chocolate and marshmallow on graham cracker

Glazed Donut (Loaded 70vg)                                                        Fresh donut with icing glaze

Pomberrry Yo (Rogue 70vg)                                                         Blueberry and pomegranate yogurt

Sweet Jesus (Rogue 70vg)                                                           Creamy Tres Leche cake










Fruit/Candy Flavors


White Mango (Cali Vape Co 70vg)                                                Juicy, ripe white mango

Tropical Breeze (Cali Vape Co 70vg)                                           Pineapple, tangerine, guava

Cut Strawberry (Cali Vape Co 70vg)                                            5 different fresh strawberry extracts

Catalina (Cali Vape Co 70vg)                                                       Watermelon, kiwi and pineapple

Watermelon (Gentleman’s Draw 70VG)                                       Watermelon and hint of strawberry

Tropical Mango (Gentleman’s Draw 70VG)                                 A blend of mango and other tropical fruits

Red Fish (Gentleman’s Draw 70VG)                                            Raspberry and Strawberry flavored gummies

Blue Raspberry Sour Beltz (TFC 70VG)                                    Just as the name implies

Green Apple  Sour Beltz (TFC 70VG)                                        Just as the name implies

Banana Peach Mango Smoothie (Flavorz 50vg)                        Blend of banana, mango and peach

Sucka Punch (Rogue 70VG)                                                       Peach, apples and fresh strawberries

Taffy (Gentleman’s Draw 70VG)                                                  Strawberry saltwater taffy

Cran Apple (Loaded 70vg)                                                          Sweet, crisp apple and cranberry

Bubble Purp (Chubby Bubble 70vg)                                          Grape Bubble Gum

Bubble Melon (Chubby Bubble 70vg)                                        Melon Bubble Gum

Bubble Strawberry (Chubby Bubble 70vg)                                Strawberry Bubble Gum

Bubble Razz (Chubby Bubble 70vg)                                           Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum

Watermelon Candy (Pop Clouds 70vg)                                      Watermelon pop candy

Blue Razzberry Candy (Pop Clouds 70vg)                                 Blue raspberry pop candy

Strawberry Kiwi (Air Factory 70vg)                                              Strawberry and kiwi air head

Blue Razz (Air Factory 70vg)                                                        Blue raspberry air head

Blueberry Pear (Chubby Vapes 70vg)                                         Blueberry and juicy pear

Very Berry (Naked 70vg)                                                              Blueberry, raspberry and lemon

Green Blast (Naked 70vg)                                                            Cantaloupe, apple and kiwi

Lava Flow (Naked 70vg)                                                               Strawberry, pineapple and coconut

Rainbow Explosion (Rogue 70vg)                                               Skittles candy







Menthol/Mint Flavors


Mint Delight (Flavorz 50vg)                                                          Menthol and minty

Re Fresh (Cali Vape Co 70vg)                                                      Cucumber, lemon, lime and mint

Peppermint Stick (Gentleman’s Draw 70VG)                              Creamy Peppermint candy

Mango Ice (Gentleman’s Draw 70VG)                                          Mango, guava, papaya with a cool finish

Black Ice (0 Degrees 70vg)                                                          Tobacco with Cool Menthol

Subarctic (0 Degrees 70vg)                                                         Spearmint

Antarctic (0 Degrees 70vg)                                                          Cool mint

Brain Freeze (Naked 70vg)                                                          Strawberry, pomegranate, kiwi menthol