Dovpo GX-200

The Dovpo GX-200 is a hybrid Mechanical Mod with built in safety protection that is capable of sub-ohming as low as 0.2 Ohms. It has low voltage protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, reverse battery protection and automatic temperature protection.You get a mechanical mod with all the safety of a regulated device. This mod uses two 18650 batteries in a parallel connection so this will easily last you all day on one charge.

Product specification:

  • Working voltage 3.2- 4.2V
  • Max output 20A
  • Output voltage is the same as battery voltage
  • Lowest resistance 0.2ohm
  • Low voltage protection < 3. 2V
  • Over current protection > 30A
  • Two 18650 batteries parallel connection, can be charged with micro USB cable or 18650 charger
  • Short-circuit and reverse connection of the battery power terminal will be protected
  • The height of the connector's positive electrode can be adjusted by screwdriver
  • Charging voltage: Micro charger DC5V
  • Max charging current : 800mA
  • Automatic circuit -breaker triggered after 15 seconds of vaping