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Welcome to Daddy Jak's Vapor

We are an Electronic cigarette shop in Oviedo supplying all of your premium vaping needs. We carry all the leading brands in the industry including Kangertech, Smoktech, Innokin, Joyetech, Aspire, E Juice 2 Die 4, Drake's Vapes, Space Jam and FlavorZ By Joe.

We are knowledgeable and truly caring of people's choices in quitting smoking and not going back. We offer great prices, never trying to break anyone's bank on our product. We want to educate customers so that they make an informed decision on what products are right for them.

We offer a loyalty program on juice purchases and constant promos and daily deals. A lot of people who smoke traditional cigarettes want to quit and we offer them an alternative that is much healthier and cost effective.

Come in and get your vape on!

History of Daddy Jak's

Many months ago I wanted to stop smoking and my brother introduced me to a concept I had never even heard of Electronic Cigarettes. After he explained to me how the device works and what it does I decided I would give it a shot. Essentially an electronic cigarette is a battery which powers an atomizer or heating coil, which turns liquid to vapor. The liquid contains different levels of nicotine or no nicotine at all with the ultimate goal of getting down to a liquid with zero nicotine. Through this process you are emitting an odorless, smokeless vapor which allows you to create the sensation of smoking without all the bothersome side effects.

Needless to say, I worked my way down to zero percent nicotine and feel healthier than I have in many years. I can run again, breathe and taste the food I eat. This is a product I believe in which is why I opened Daddy Jak’s Vapor to do what my brother did for me, help others quit smoking. Daddy Jak’s Vapor is a family owned and operated local business bringing you all the premium products you need to begin and continue vaping. So stop by and see us and start your story.

What exactly is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes come in all shapes, sizes and designs but all function the same and serve the same purpose. Each one has a battery, a tank or cartridge which holds the e liquid and a coil system which heats up the liquid, turning it into vapor.

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